This summer you can receive hundreds of dollars in visa gift cards, and other prizes, just for filling out a survey about your mentoring program! Click here for the survey.


At the MPRC our vision is for all children and youth in our region to have access to supportive mentors who can help them achieve their dreams. To make that happen we work to strengthen the field so that mentoring programs like yours have the tools and resources they need to do this critical work.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the local mentoring field, we’re asking for your help! In collaboration with MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, we are now launching the 2016 National Mentoring Program Survey, which is designed to gather information about your organization, the mentoring services you offer, and the individuals that serve as mentors and mentees.

This information will be vital to our field in the years to come. It will allow us to increase public and private investment in mentoring, identify gaps in communities where additional mentors or support is needed, and develop meaningful tools and professional development opportunities to meet the needs of your program.

The data collected will be professionally analyzed and made available to mentoring programs so that you can learn more about the state of the mentoring field, and benchmark your program against similar ones in the area and across the nation.

Programs in Eastern SquareImages414Pennsylvania can complete this survey between now and the end of August. The MPRC is offering a variety of exciting incentives! Programs that complete the survey will:

  • Be entered into a statewide drawing to win a prize of $500
  • Be entered into a local drawing to win one of three $100 visa gift cards
  • Have the choice between 4 free hours of training for one staff member, and $200 off an in-house training for your mentors
  • Have the chance for your program to be featured on MPRC social media in a “partner spotlight”

Make sure that your program is ready to stand up and be counted as part of the mentoring movement in Eastern Pennsylvania and beyond! Click here to take the survey.