Did  you know that mentoring programs in Eastern Pennsylvania that are affiliated to a broader network of programs tend to serve more youth, have higher budgets, and have been around for about 11 years longer than programs that are unaffiliated? This is just one thing we learned in our recent research into the landscape of mentoring in our region.

To learn more interesting findings like this, join 75 plus mentoring practitioners, representing dozens of organizations and mentoring programs, coming together to connect, network, and strategize on how to move the field forward at our convening this May!

Spring Convening: Landscape Data and Best Practices in Mentoring

Tuesday, May 17, 

8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Temple University Howard Gittis Student Center

1755 North 13th Street room 200a, Philadelphia, PA 19122

In addition to reviewing our research, we have an exciting line up of panelists to discuss best practices in their mentoring programs. Hillary Kane, the director for the Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development (PHENND), will be discussing their Next Steps AmeriCorps program. Next Steps is designed to support first-generation and economically disadvantage college students through community service, mentorship, supportive workshops, and leadership development.

Also on our panel will be Emily Resnick from Mentors Empowering Now to Overcome Recidivism (MENTOR). MENTOR is a court-based program that matches individuals aged 18-30 who are serving county sentences with volunteer mentors, and seeks to interrupt the cycle of recidivism by providing a holistic and supportive reentry experience through mentoring and case management.

Mubarak Lawrence, Vice President of Rising Sons, will be our third panelist. Risings Sons  is a local nonprofit, with a vision is to increase economic mobility of young black men in Philadelphia by forming passion-based workforce development cohorts.

Sarah Giskin, our research fellow at the MPRC, will be reviewing the landscape data she recently collected by surveying the local mentoring field. There will also be PLENTY of time for networking and discussion with folks in and around the mentoring field!

This free event is intended for seasoned and new mentoring program staff and leaders, funders, board, advisors, evaluators, researchers, and all those in and around the mentoring field. Register now!