Come celebrate MPRC’S annual partner convening and National Mentoring Month with this free event! This year we are celebrating the past, present and future of mentoring with an exciting and dynamic line up of speakers! Check out the biographies of our speakers below!  Register today at !

Angie Ortiz | Senior at Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School

DeVon Jackson | Associate Director of the Office of Intercultural Affairs

The best way you be shaken out of apathy is to put yourself in a position of discomfort. This way you learn who you really are and have the choice to alter if you don’t like who you are. DeVon Jackson M.S. strives to present an alternate or opposing narrative to whatever the dominant narratives poses.

Primary positioned as the Associate Director in the Office of Intercultural Affairs at Villanova University, charged with programming and educating the community on issues around Diversity and Inclusion, DeVon gives time to consulting through Push Learning Edge Consulting. Facilitated difficult conversations around the lines of difference and has lead workshops in both Secondary and Higher education within the Greater Philadelphia area and on the national level such as the National Conference On Race & Ethnicity (NCORE) speaking on Social Identity Struggle & Fatigue Factor for Social Justice and “I am not ¬¬_____, but…” Exploring Fraudulence in being an Ally and Association for Student Affairs at Catholic Colleges and Universities (ASSACU) on Scratching the Surface: Inclusive Leadership and Cultural Competence.

DeVon plans to begin the doctoral quest in the coming years in the area of Theology and Ministry. He is very thankful for his experiences and always gives thanks for opportunity to share his perspective. Hailing from Philadelphia, a graduate from Villanova University, and a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., DeVon is blessed to have Max as his wife and together have 3 beautiful children, Ethan, Xavier & Averie

Jordan S. Steffy | Founder & CEO of Xylem

Steffy found meaning and direction in his life through the tremendous mentorship he received as a child. Inspired by the change he experienced, he sought to create the same change in his community through the creation of the Children Deserve a Chance Foundation in 2004, an organization charged with aiding in the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development of underprivileged youth.

Upon his graduation from Conestoga Valley High School, Steffy attended the University of Maryland, where he played quarterback on the football team and earned his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s in Real Estate  Development. In May of 2015, Steffy received his M.B.A. from Columbia University, where he was a  member of the Black Business Student Association and the Columbia Entrepreneurs Organization.

Throughout his tenure at the Children Deserve a Chance Foundation, Steffy found that while he and his team of mentors could impact the lives of the Foundation’s children, turnover among mentors remained high –  the cause of which, he discovered, was a lack of meaningful connection between mentor and protégé. While at Columbia, Steffy began a search for technology that could enhance his relationship with the small group of scholars that he continued  to mentor through the Children Deserve a Chance Foundation. After many attempts to find such a technology, he and two Columbia Business School classmates co-founded Xylem, a company focused on enhancing and quantifying mentor/protégé relationships. Selected to be a member of the University’s elite “Greenhouse  Accelerator,”  Steffy  and his co-founders  have generated a great deal of momentum by way of extensive market research. Since that time, six mentoring organizations have agreed to pilot Xylem’s technology throughout the summer of 2015.

With an amazing speaker line up, peer networking, and a call to action, we are going to empower and inspire people to drive the mentoring field forward and close the mentoring gap! To attend, please register here!

January 26, 2017, 8:30-11:30am
Temple University Howard Gittis Student Center
 1755 N 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19122