Did you know that the fourth edition of the Elements of Effective Practice is set to be released in the next few months? MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership developed this evidence based document, backed up by all the latest research in the field, which will set the national standards for quality mentoring programs. It will be a crucial tool in guiding the continuous improvement of countless mentoring programs nationwide.

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Register for an exclusive webinar about the new edition here: http://www.mentoring.org/latest_news/latest_general_news/webinar_introduction_to_the_elements_of_effective_practice_for_mentoring_4t

The third edition was published in 2009. That means there has been over five years of research since the standards, benchmarks, and enhancements spelled out in the document have been updated! Many high quality mentoring programs swear by the EEP, and are anxiously anticipating the release of the fourth edition.

Implementing these best practices will help well-established mentoring programs continue to upgrade and improve the quality of their services in order to help the youth they serve achieve the best possible outcomes. The EEP will also help newer, or struggling, programs to evaluate themselves based on verified best practices, and begin to shape their development to bolster their positive impact.

Here at the MPRC we can’t wait to be able to put the new edition of Elements of Effective Practice into action! It informs everything we do, including trainings we offer to program staff, mentors, and mentees, and the development of our new quality assessment system. It will make waves with all the programs we work with, and increase the quality of mentoring in the region overall. We are excited! Are you?